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One of the best parents in the animal kingdom

Banggai Cardinal is a father first, because it protects the fry into her mouth once the eggs hatch, as highlighted this week biologists Aquarium of Barcelona.

The male of this species endemic Banggai islands in Indonesia, is responsible for protecting their young during the early stages of life in a peculiar refuge, its jaws.

The male of the pair kept their young in the mouth during the first weeks of life for them, until they are mature enough to face the world.

During this period, the parent can not eat, and has to open his mouth from time to time to keep clean and airy eggs.

“The cardinal fish are a rare example of the care of offspring by males,” said the head of Biology L’Aquarium, Patrici Bultó.

“But the mouthguard has its risks, and it is estimated that the male cardinal fish swallowing reaches up to 30% of the eggs that protects” said Bultó.

Banggai Cardinal inhabit lagoons and outer reefs around the 123 islands of the Indonesian archipelago Banggai, representing a radius of approximately 5,000 square kilometers.

This small fish, about 9 inches long, lives in groups of up to 60 individuals and is nocturnal habits. During the day remains in crevices and caves or between algae, while at night leave their hiding places to feed.