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Diseases in the aquarium

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Many times our fish get sick and die , and not know why. In general, this can be very frustrating for the owner of the fish and often, after trying forward, owners get discouraged and give up.

But you just have to learn and know  what diseases can have our fish and how to treat them so they can move forward and the rest is not contagious.

The disease occurs when certain factors that emphasize fish are introduced, which makes their defenses diminish . new fish Some of these factors can be put, there is an overpopulation of animals in aquarium conditions of inadequate maintenance or poor nutrition , for example.

How to avoid the occurrence of diseases in the aquarium?

The best way to prevent the onset of disease is quarantine the fish end up buying .

If this can not be carried out due to lack of space or because no other aquarium in which the fish meters, agrees that the purchase of new animals inform you if they are I was dealing with drugs in the store and if these fish are compatible with the other we have.

Detect the disease early

Most diseases can be easily detected by observing behaviors and physical signs in fish such as white patches of various sizes, rapid breathing, reduced fish fins or scratching against objects in the aquarium. These symptoms are due a number of fish parasites may acquire.

Coral Fish Disease

The symptoms of this disease are the appearance of small white spots that cause the appearance of velvet in fish; . Also causes rapid breathing Therefore, the fish is well noted and we see that does not show any of these symptoms.

To see if these symptoms, go and advise in a specialized center.

The marine white spot

Its appearance is similar to the tip of the previous white disease, but it is easier to distinguish because it is larger, is similar to that of a pinhead. If you see rubbing fish and scratching against objects aquarium probably has this parasite.

If you think any of your fish may have some of these diseases specialist to treat animals as soon as possible and central consultation. But the first thing to do is separate the sick fish from others who do not yet have symptoms.