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Butterflyfish a jewel of coral reefs

The butterflyfish is widespread throughout the tropical seas species, especially the coral reef areas where usually inhabit.

Similar in shape to angelfish, owes its name to the reasons that leads to your skin, sometimes comparable to those of butterflies. Many of them have a “spot” near the eye shaped tailthat serves to confuse predators and feel confused, and they all have a very happy colors, predominating in most yellow color.

Chaetodontidae (Butterflyfish)

It is a highly coveted in the world of aquarium fish, but also very delicate care . So if you want to risk include a butterfly small ocean fish in your home, you must follow some guidelines.

Chaetodon auriga
Threadfin butterflyfish

Care butterflyfish

By doing coral reefs have a very exquisite food since most of what they eat are microorganisms of corals and food from that area. Even after a breeding them in captivity time will eventually get used to the food marketed.

Also, not surprisingly, they need some corals where they can hide and among those who can swim at ease.

Chaetodon semilarvatus
Bluecheek butterflyfish

Better alone than accompanied

They need plenty of room to swim and are solitary species, although once adults like to live with a partner the rest of his life. It is advisable to have a large number of butterfly fish in the same tank as they are somewhat aggressive towards each other , while other fish species are indifferent.

Within the family of butterfly fish there are many subspecies, about 100, but not all of them can be bred in captivity. Among those that do can raise, you should know that most are complicated and you will keep them busy, but among them there are not many differences beyond the color of their skin motifs and simplicity or difficulty acclimatise.

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