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Treatment Of Cyanobacteria With Erythromycin

It is an bacterium that can appear frequently in Planted Aquariums. Very few people know the reason for the appearance or many even mistake it as an algae.

Cyanobacteria in aquarium soil

Cyanobacteria is characterized by its dark gray gelatinized mucous appearance and a very strong earthy smell.

Generally, it is usually placed between the substrate, gravel or even the plants, completely enveloping them and suffocating them. It is easily detached from them with a simple shake or with the current of water, but its remains are quickly deposited in other places. It can be placed on the glass and in the gravel, in places with or without aeration (it does not affect it), with or without Co2. Once it appears it is difficult to eradicate.

Water changes make them stronger.

In many cases, as soon as it appears, we recommend treating it with 10 vol hydrogen peroxide with a syringe located on the bulb, dosing up to 10ml per 26.42 Gallons, with the filter off and letting it act for 15 to 20 minutes. comes from the substrate, it can be injected into it to improve the actuation of the drug.

If we do not treat it in time, the growth process is very fast and if it is not controlled, in many cases there is no other chance but to medicate. But… How do I do a doctor? Here we share a step by step to eradicate it completely.

Step 1

Before the light goes out, siphon off all the remaining cyanobacteria that can be found.

Step 2

Reduce the filtering to 10%.

Step 3

Medicate with a 500 mg tablet of FishLife 250MG – Erythromycin Aquatic Antibiotics (Fish Mycin) per 52.83 Gallons. Grind the medication well and then dilute it in a glass with aquarium water. Dissolve the preparation in the aquarium and turn off the light and the co2 of the aquarium.

Step 4

At 48 hours turn on the light and make a 50% water change removing all the rest of cyano that may be found.

Step 5

Repeat step 3 again but with the light on and keeping the filtering at 10%.

Step 6

At 48 hours, make a 50% water change. Return the filtrate to 100%.

It is important once the treatment is finished, that if any focus of Cyanobacteria is seen, it is treated as quickly as possible, this will avoid setbacks and problems in the filtering or aquarium plants.

If it tends to appear repeatedly in your aquarium, we recommend that you check its filtering, cleaning and oxygenation.

Cyanobacteria in a plants in aquarium

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