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How to know the sex of Angel Fish

Manacapuru Red Angelfish

How to know the sex of our Angelfish is one of the typical questions from fans who want to play to . The reality is that although it is not easy to distinguish with the naked eye, there are details that allow us to know the sex of adult scalars.

Peruvian Angel Fish

Traits that differentiate the male and female scalar

The shape of the head of the scalars is a great source of information about it. In the case of the male, the section from the upper lip to the first vertical black stripe looks swollen, it could be said that the profile describes a convex curve. In the female’s head, this same section is seen in the opposite way, that is, the curve seen in profile is concave.

Still located in the head, we can perceive specific differences in the mouth. The lower jaw of the male Scalar exceeds the upper one, that is to say that the lower lip is more protruding than the upper one. This same detail is reversed in females, where the upper lip exceeds the lower.

Another distinguishing feature is that the Escalars have a stripe in the eye. In males it is straight, while the female’s stripe is curved.


In the body, a differentiating factor is always the fins. The space between the ventral fins and the anal fin is always shorter and more arched in the male. The spines present at the base of the dorsal fin are also more irregular in the male than in the female.

And to conclude, we can point out that, once the reproductive period has begun, the ovipositor tube of the female is flat and points backwards. In the male it ends more sharply and points forward.

It is important to keep in mind that these differences are more noticeable in adult specimens. If your objective is to reproduce Escalares but you do not have experience for this purpose, request additional information or consult a specialized store with proven experience.